Maintenance - Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete


  • Scrape surface

  • Sweep to remove debris

  • TIME = ½ Day


  • Grind beginning at the correct grit to achieve the desired aggregate exposure.

  • Grind progressively to finer grits to achieve the sheen desired.

  • Grind/polish edges of walls to blend with main floor areas.

  • Apply dye color if desired.

  • Apply densifier between metal and resin-based diamonds.

  • Apply polish guard to the final polish.

  • Burnish with a high speed burnisher to complete the project.

  • TIME = Varies due to aggregate exposure, if color is required, sheen level, and amount of square footage. For a more accurate time frame it is best to do a pre-project meeting. 


    When polishing, as much permanent lighting should be available as possible. It is hard to polish concrete in inferior lighting conditions and have it acceptable when the lights arrive. 

    When we polish, we will need to be the ONLY contractors in the polish area during our scheduled time slot.